NSW Survey About Abortions 2017

The April/May Survey Says

A survey was conducted in NSW as the NSW Parliament was considering changes to the abortion laws and essentially the survey says NO any increase in abortions the results are in the link just below this paragraph.



In another place I have the details of our policy in regard to this vexing issue. Essentially we believe that from conception an unborn baby has the same rights as a born child and therefore must have all the protections to life extended to them. In difficult medical circumstances where injury or disease may impact on the life of either the mother or the child it is the doctor’s call as to what should happen. It is in very few circumstances that the best practice of medicine would not find a way to save both the mother and child. But in the very difficult circumstances it is up to the attending doctor who would have to make that call as whom must be the primary focus in the emergency situation when it is almost impossible to save both mother and child. The motivation of the medical professional is to save and to preserve life wherever and whenever possible. The policy is found at : http://www.miltoncaine.com/the-unborn-childs-rights/