One Page Policies

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Historically the from the European Settlers the indigenous people’s groups have been treated in a most appalling way, even o the extent of not being treated as humans and we at the CDP consider that to be totally offensive to both the Indigenous People’s Groups and to the Cretor of the Universe. We would seek to discover ways to right this wrong and we have considered that the parthway forward is while respecting that all our Indigenous peoples are disadvantaged in many ways causing them to have poorer health, job and social outcomes we believe that a separate department may not be the wisest way forward to resolve this issue; but rather a retuning of all departments so as that all disadvantaged persons are treated to aleviate the disadvantage in culturally sensitive ways. So as to oversee this change of direction is progressing well we will appoint Indigenous Elders to advise the various departments of the success or otherwise for their communities.

The Indue Welfare Card

The banking industries do hold a strong grp on the success and the failure of and economy and so as every Australian will use the services of a banking product there is need for direction from Government and some diatance from government so a regulation failure will be proscuted. We note that the 2018 Financial Enquiry showed many illegial activities and yet no substantive prosecutions were launched; this we found was not acceptable to the community and has failed to deliver confidence in the banking industries.

Australian Cirizenship is a highly desirable status for all Australians and needs to remain as honerable as possible, to this end we will encourage that our students will in the course of their education learn to respect the symbles of Australia and to understand the framework of the Australian constitution and the process of our system of government and the structure of our laws. New citizens will be encouraged to learn the importance of our symbles, and to understand the framework of our constitution, our parliaments and our laws.

Competition policies need to protect the small business and to maintain the Australian Brands within the market place, for with out the Australian Brands we will have difficulty of having our unemployment issues resolved. The large multi-nationals and the potential of the monolopies swamping must be managed by fair competion policies. We have lost many family small businesses from the Australian Economy due to the creeping giants of the monopoly businesses.

The general purpose of the Defence Forces is to defend the national interests and it needs to be fully equipped with modern and effective equipment and operating systems. The Defence Force, as all other departments of government, must comply with the same laws of all Australians. The Defence Forces should not be used against Australian citizens (except in the case of internal terrorism or anti-democratic groups) as the primary function of Defence Forces is to protect the citizens of Australia. When necessary the Defence Forces may assist in national emergencies.

Defence Policy
Defence General
Defence PFAS Pollution
Build them here

The economic decisions made for a community determine the financial well-being of each person in that community and from our standpoint a community’s economy is in serious trouble if persons are unable to get a meaningful and sufficiently remunerated job that allows a balance between work and non-work times.

Taxation – GST
Family and Presonal Taxes
Taxation – Negative Gearing
Financial Institutions
Truth in Reporting Data
Compulsory Superannuation
Truth In Labeling
ABC and SBS Funding


Quality education is fundamental to a prosperous and equal society. Education must be about inherent objectivity including life skills and training students towards life beyond the education system capable of diverse career choices. The so called 3R’s (Reading, Writing & Arithmetic) and parental rights to have a say in their children’s education must be foundational of the education system. CDP supports Special Religious Education (SRE) and Scripture classes as a mainstream option in our schools, and a basic right for children to explore the faith of their family.

Early Education
High Schools
Private Schools
Trade Schools
Home Schooling
Safe Schools
Voluntary “Fees”

In every society events occur that require the urgent response of qualified personel to bring order to the issue at hand. It is imperative that the community can know that if an emergency happens then they can depend upon professional and urgent response to the emergency. There has been decisions that have cut back on the availablity of the emergency services and we will urgently restore an effective response time to all emergencies by expanding the capacity to respond for all emergency services.

CDP stands for jobs in all our communities. We support local industry, local jobs, and “build it here” principles. We believe a fair economy and a society is one where each person who wants a job can attain one at a fair remuneration. The CDP understands the importance of a strong and diverse economy that facilitates jobs for the people in all our communities. The CDP is proactively working to advocate for jobs growth for all our communities and will always vote according to this value.

Employment – Jobs
Employment – Penalty Rates
Human survival globally is dependent upon the natural world. Our living world is the environment in which we live and we must live with the consequences of how we manage it. Economic paradigm of maximising exploitation of the natural resources must be balanced with a care-taking and sustainability paradigm.The serious state of the situation is demonstrated when in 1988 the government was informed certain toxic firefighting foam is dangerous to the health of humans and only in 2018 is the government acting on that advice it is not good enough at all – see: 
Environment general
Environment Principles
Environment Policy
The Green Energy Dilemma
Environment – Climate Change
Environment – Conservation of Water
Environment-Healthy Rivers
Environment – Murray Darling Basin water sustainability
Bushfire Management
Native Animal Protection
Environment – re-afforestation
Environment – Tree planting and protection
Substitutes for Plastics
Environment – Toxic Pollution
Environment – Disposal of Waste Water
Environment – recycling

The family unit is vital in a good society, in fact the healt of the family unit demonstrates the health of the community at large.

Family – General
Family – Children
Family – Grandparents and the wider family

The Certification of food need to be certain so that allergies, dietary preference/choices and religious concerns are not compromised by the supply chain of the food products. We will establish a register so as a business can register the their particular certification values and this must be available for all consumers to examine to make certain that they are happy with the processes used to produce their food products.

There is a delicate balance with trade and foreign affairs but the whims of nations must not prevent a pragmatic and considered approach to each nation. AS far as possible the Australian Embassies should be in the capital cities of the host nations or where the national parliament sits in another place as close to there as possible. The free trade agreements must be examined in detail and where there is an actual disadvantage for Australia and her workers then that deal needs amendments or to be overturned. No foreign power should reduce the sovereign nature of Australia, if it is found that agreements in place do reduce the sovereign nature of Australia those agreements must be amended or overturned.

Foreign Affairs 
Free trade agreements

Numerous studies have proven that Gambling has a negative social impact related to the associated addictions, financial deprivation of dependents and criminal aspects. Although recognising that is one of those things that can be a source of harmless entertainment for controlled individuals, the social and socio-economic downsides are significant enough that a robust examination of the gambling industry is warranted, considering; raising the age access limits, advertising restrictions in line with tobacco, and poker machine return %s to players.


Gabling – High Roller – Online

Health Care should be available, accessible,timely, and affordable to all our communities.
The CDP is committed to ensuring we do everything within our power to ensure our Governments deliver a first-class health system for the broad population of residents in all our cities, urban areas, and regional areas.

Health – Pro Life
Health – Drug Rehabilitation 
 Health – Medicinal Cannabis
/Health – Drug Dependency
Health – Euthenasia
Health – E-cigarettes or Vaping 
Health – Pill Testing 

The development of housing affordability in Australia has historically been maintained by housing supplied through the government department – Housing Commission, which successfully housed the population over two generations in affordable adequate housing. The abandonment of this to economic rationalist market forces (private developers) has resulted in the housing affordability crisis. We believe a return to government housing department focusing on building (as opposed to it currently being a rental facility) is essential to first home affordability. A review of the government charges on land developments is urgently needed.

Housing – Affordablity
Housing – Decentralization
Housing – Developer – Builder’s Warrantees
Housing – Foreign Ownership

Each nation needs to manage its immigration so that there is a balance of visitors and immigrants that will contribute positively to the nation. In the last several years we have seen a rise in immigration that has outpaced infrastructure and potentially affecting housing affordability, health affordability, employment declines, and a strain on the Social Security System resulting in community disquiet towards some new immigrants. This has the potential to change the character of the Australian society. Immigration needs to be carefully managed, taken on the advice of demographic experts and not growth economics.

Immigration – Children in Custody
Immigration – An inquiry into Immigration
Immigration – Refugees
Immigration – Boarder Protection
Immigration – Skilled and Education Migration

The area of Immunization is a difficult area of policy as there is the medical proffession who mostly  are of the view that to fail to immunise the community will cause outbreaks of certian diseases, yet there are those who hold a different view and somewhere with in this area of medicine we must find a pathway of peaceful co-existance of both points of view to be openly and factually discussed.

There is real social and economic value to have strong infrastructure programs though this must be steady and affordable. It is pertinent to remember that projects should be planned to facilitate future generations, not just short term objectives. One of the huge imperatives must be that all infrastructures must become more accessible to the elderly and to those with disabilities. The urgent implementation of recommended infrastructure safety systems is a must as soon as possible after identification of access and safety concerns.
The urgent implementation of recomended rail safety systems is a must for all our rail services as soon as possible. We should never have this situation happen again on any of our rail networks throughout Australia. 

Infrastructure – Transport
Infrastructure – Education
Infrastructure – Health Care
Infrastructure – Security and Essential Services
Infrastructure – Electricity Prices

Insurance industries are in need of regulations as they have continually raised more and more profits and delivered some poor outcomes to their customers.

There are essentially two types of Justice as we see it. They are Restorative Justice and Punitive Justice.
Restorative Justice is a system of just that attemps to restore the offended (victim) and the offender (perpetrator) to good social health and accepts that the community may well play a significant part in that process.
Punitive Justice is a system of punishment meted out to the offender (perpetrator) assessed on the events involved and no intentional system of restoration of the persons involved.

Truth in labelling: We purchase products that are packaged influenced by the words written on the label and as such this information must be able to be depended upon. We will pursue policies for accurate labelling of all packaged products.

Law and order is a foundation of society’s social order and business confidence. As such it needs to be balanced with a moral social code, an effective law enforcement, and an efficient judiciary and a wisely governed penal system that seeks to restore convicted persons where possible to become good contributors to society.  

The traditional marriage between one man and one woman has held a special place in the life of our communities for centuries and it seems unwise to discard this unique definition of marriage. It is also notable that this traditional man/woman marriage is supported by non-religious groups, atheists, and throughout all faiths, and as it represents a broad section of the population, should be protected as a proven contribution to social and democratic stability. We do note the changes that have been made to the Marriage Act and we are carefully examining the full consequences of this decision. 


The Christian Democratic party supports responsible mining

Mining – Coal Seam Gas
Mining – Coal

The National Disablity Insurance has delivered a number of excellent outcomes for many in the disability community and yet there are significant areas of shortfall as it seems that some recieve plenty and others are struggling on the plans created for them. The idea is potentially an excellent plan but theimplementation is an area of concern that we will carefully address.

A strong and robust police force is necessary in our communities to make our communities safe and we will ensure that we will have a well equipted and modern Police Force where integrity will be their guide and their empowerment to preform their, at time, difficult job.

The Rural Industries are very important part of our communities and need better transport and all other infrustructure including greater protection from the regular droughts that we find very common in this vast land. With the droughts can come devistating fires that need to managed in a far more coperative way than has been out past history. The marketing of our rural products need better direction and care so that the rural communities can see that their future is both viable and respected by the city dwellers.

The small business is the engine room of the business world and employs many people and yet they suffer unnecessarily at the hands of Government  and big businesses andcorporations. They do not always hold the clout to effectively maintain and uphold their rights, we are very concerned about this and we will push back against this for the small business person. 

Small Business

The responsibility of a civilized society is to care for the elderly, the disabled and the disadvantaged via a valid “safety net”. In Australia this has been managed through the Department of Social Security and policy needs to ensure a sustainable and fair safety net is available for those who genuinely need it.

Social Security – General
National Disability Insurance Scheme
Social Security – Parenting Next Programme
Social Security – Age Care
Social Security – Pensions
Social Security – Protecting Accounts
Social Security – Parenting Next Programme

Both public and private transport are essential  to enable the good functioning of any society. The better transport works then the better the community works in so many ways. The cost of transport is important.

Transport – General
Transport – Registration Labels
Transport – Vehicle Standards – modification
Transport – Emergency Vehicle Safety Lights
Transport – High Speed Train

The Water Resources in a country like Australia should be carefully managed so that when a drought or a flood comes we are able to well manage the water needs of the communities. Wev must begin to interconnect the water resources so that the water resources can be shared at any place where the need arises from time to time. The daming of our rivers in themaner that we do is not the wisest way to store water and so we plan a new approach so we can keep our rivers healthy while being able to store large amounts of water as is required from time to time.