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Historically the Aboriginal and Toris Strait Islanders were not considered as equal Humans to the European Settlers and were to our nation’s shame were administered through the Floral and Fauna Act. It is with pleasure that we are in a time where today we hold that we all are equal Humans in all respects. Some have sort to correct the errors from the past via the Department of Aboriginal and Toris Strait Islanders, however this raises a concern tha we are treating a people group differently from all others and this is a form of apartheid which we strongly oppose. We seek to remove any distinction and to move forward as one people, one country and one nation.


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The general purpose of the Defence Forces is to defend the national interests and it needs to be fully equipped with modern and effective equipment and operating systems. The Defence Force, as all other departments of government, must comply with the same laws of all Australians. The Defence Forces should not be used against Australian citizens (except in the case of internal terrorism or anti-democratic groups) as the primary function of Defence Forces is to protect the citizens of Australia. When necessary the Defence Forces may assist in national emergencies.

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Williamtown – PFAS Pollution

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The economic decisions made for a community determine the financial well-being of each person in that community and from our standpoint a community’s economy is in serious trouble if persons are unable to get a meaningful and sufficiently remunerated job that allows a balance between work and non-work times.

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Quality education is fundamental to a prosperous and equal society. Education must be about inherent objectivity including life skills and training students towards life beyond the education system capable of diverse career choices. The so called 3R’s (Reading, Writing & Arithmetic) and parental rights to have a say in their children’s education must be foundational of the education system. CDP supports Special Religious Education (SRE) and Scripture classes as a mainstream option in our schools, and a basic right for children to explore the faith of their family.

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CDP stands for jobs in all our communities. We support local industry, local jobs, and “build it here” principles. We believe a fair economy and a society is one where each person who wants a job can attain one at a fair remuneration. The CDP understands the importance of a strong and diverse economy that facilitates jobs for the people in all our communities. The CDP is proactively working to advocate for jobs growth for all our communities and will always vote according to this value.

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Human survival globally is dependent upon the natural world. Our living world is the environment in which we live and we must live with the consequences of how we manage it. Economic paradigm of maximising exploitation of the natural resources must be balanced with a care-taking and sustainability paradigm.The serious state of the situation is demonstrated when in 1988 the government was informed certain toxic firefighting foam is dangerous to the health of humans and only in 2018 is the government acting on that advice it is not good enough at all – see: 
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