Penny Wong moves against Private Schools

Penny Wong against Private Schools

Senator Penny Wong has moved against private schools even though her school education since coming to Australia was is a Uniting Church Christian School. That school is Scotch College which is an independent Uniting Church, co-educational day and boarding school located in Adelaide, South Australia. The school was founded in 1919 out of the earlier Kyre College (1902-1918) and incorporated under a Act of Parliament in 1922.

Senator Wong moved a bill in the Senate that will prevent a school from choosing teachers that agree with the Christian Ethos of the school. This bill will further prevent a school having the right to determine the behaviour of students that does not comply with the school Christian ethos as being a condition of remaining in the school. Yet it was this very principle that underpinned her education upon her arrival in Australia as a young child.

Penny Wong is in the parliament after her early education was commenced and grounded in a Christian Private School where she was able to develop an inquiring mind into the details of life which has led her into a law degree and into the national parliament. She now wants to remove the freedom that this school had to determine the best teachers for the school so that the schools foundation of a Christian ethos would underpin the educational framework at the time she was at the school and on what her personal education was built. Why is this? The good Senator is in a same sex relationship and it seems that she wants to now oppose anyone who might choose to be in an opposite sex relationship. It is true that there are many in our country may not support same sex relationships, however the community at large has agreed that same sex relationships are acceptable HOWEVER the community did not ask that the opposite sex relationships be cast aside in the rush to overwhelm all of the community with the dogma of the same sex relationships and the further extensions of gender diversity doctrine.

Religious schools at risk of losing right to pursue their faith

We are facing an indoctrination of a social engineering program that has huge implications that are difficult to digest in total. The sexual revolution of the 1960’s commenced a pathway that has led us to this day. I do find that it is extremely revealing that those who support the social engineering programs are so strong on the horrid sexual abuse of children that happened in the churches and church related institutions and yet are right there front and centre wanting to place sexual explicit material in the classrooms of our youngest students via the so called Safe Schools Program. They also want to place strong doubt in the minds of the very young children by questioning their sexuality by isolating gender and biological sex. The mitochondria DNA (extremely sub microscopic material of the human cells) screams out the gender of each and every person. This social engineering has no foundation in science whatsoever and has absolutely no value in any aspect of the well being of future generations of the human race. It is just an anti-God, dictatorial and totalitarian social engineering for a political outcome of totalitarian socialism.