Policies Page (F – J)

The family unit is vital in a good and wholesome society, in fact the health of the family units in a society demonstrates the health of the community at large.

The importance of the farming community should not be under estimated for it is the backbone of the food and much of the clothing raw materials needed in a modern society.

In our modern world the international relationships is vitally important for world stability, trade and peaceful relationship between the nations.

Gambling is form of entertaiment that can be adictive and cause many social and interpersonal conflicts. It can in the most adictive form cause financial ruin to families and can become the cause of poverty in many households. There is a strong criminal element that is needing to be held at bay yet many consider gambling to be a “flutter” and a harmless fun event. We need balance and control here to retain social order and cohesion in the Australian community.

Health Care should be available, accessible, timely, and affordable to all our communities.
The CDP is committed to ensuring we do everything within our power to ensure our Governments deliver a first-class health system for the broad population of residents in all our cities, urban areas, and regional areas. We would desire that health care be more about, as far as possible, full recovery and not be satisfied with maintaining stable poor health when further investigation could produce real recovery.

The development of housing affordability in Australia has historically been maintained by housing supplied through the government department – Housing Commission, which successfully housed the population over two generations in affordable adequate housing. The abandonment of this to economic rationalist market forces (private developers) has resulted in the housing affordability crisis. We believe a return to government housing department focusing on building (as opposed to it currently being a rental facility) is essential to first home affordability. A review of the government charges on land developments is urgently needed.

Each nation needs to manage its immigration so that there is a balance of visitors and immigrants that will contribute positively to the nation. In the last several years we have seen a rise in immigration that has outpaced infrastructure and potentially affecting housing affordability, health affordability, employment declines, and a strain on the Social Security System resulting in community disquiet towards some new immigrants. This has the potential to change the character of the Australian society. Immigration needs to be carefully managed, taken on the advice of demographic experts and not growth economics.

There is real social and economic value to have strong infrastructure programs though this must be steady and affordable. It is pertinent to remember that projects should be planned to facilitate future generations, not just short term objectives. One of the huge imperatives must be that all infrastructures must become more accessible to the elderly and to those with disabilities. The urgent implementation of recommended infrastructure safety systems is a must as soon as possible after identification of access and safety concerns.

The urgent implementation of recomended rail safety systems is a must for all our rail services as soon as possible. We should never have this situation happen again on any of our rail networks throughout Australia. 

It is often said that Justice delayed is Justice denied, and there is considerable truth to this statement in our view. Our court systems must be sufficiently funded to process cases in a timely maner so as not to delay Justice longer than necassary. While the term “Social Justice” is often expressed in our communities; real justice is that all are equal before the law. However after the establishment of the matter it is wise then to deliver compassion in the degree it is wise to assist the offender to become complient to the law as it stands.