Pollution: One Law For All

Pollution: One Law For All!

The Law

Faecal faux pas results in a $15,000 fine – Newcastleherald Digital Editions, 8_17_2017


  1.  In a Council swimming pool a baby does a poo and the council staff respond to the clean up but a faulty pump permits pollution into a waterway – Council is fined by the EPA!
  2. The RAAF use a toxic fire foam for firefighting exercises at Williamtown RAAF Base and it is discovered by the council staff and the EPA are informed by no action but it is immediately covered up until many years later public alarm is raised and the EPA takes no action and still takes no action. The RAAF deny any problem. Ministers for Defense in successive governments deny any responsibility.  Community action finally draws some media attention to the problem and still no charges, no effective apology, no effective real concern for the lives and livelihood of the affected residents of the area. A class action is launched and resisted by the Department and the Government. No action still taken by the EPA and no charges laid!
  3. Every RAAF base has the same pollution issues from the toxic firefighting foam and where water tables are high the risk for wide spread problems is most acute. No real action or charges by the EPA yet laid.  
  4. Detection of toxic pollution at the Singleton Hieights mines rescue area and as well as at the mines rescue center at Argenton in Lake Macquarie. While some investigation is happening the Mayors of both council areas are calling for urgent action. 

Mayors call for answers on toxin – Newcastleherald Digital Editions, 8_11_2017

The real issue is should not the same laws apply equally to all persons in this country or do we choose to have some above the the law or judged by a different law.

We at the Christian Democratic Party say that all persons including the Government and their departments should be under the same law as every other person. One Law for All is our refrain and we believe it is also the call from all Australians to have this put into place.

I do accept that a duty of care was owed by the council swimming pool staff it the public not to permit any pollution.

I also accept that he RAAF Base at Williamtown owes a duty of care that no pollutant would leave their grounds and that this duty of care was owed to all the residents in the area around the base.

I also accept that the successive governments, including this current government owes a duty of care not to permit a government department to pollute the environment and this duty at Williamtown was owed to each resident of the area.

I also accept that the Department of Defense and the Federal Government owe a duty of care not to pollute from any facility in Australia and the rest of the world and this duty of care is owed to all the neighbours to each and every facility used by the Defense Department.

I also accept that the Mines Rescue owes a duty of care to all their neighbours not to pollute.

I also accept that the Environmental Protection Authority is the governing body for the investigation and charging persons for breaches to the pollution act, however it seems that small person are charged and bigger person are not charged. Why????

The Christian Democratic Party calls on the EPA to reveal why that have not acted against the RAAF pollution concerns. If there is no legal capacity to so do then we must change the legal capacity of the EPA so as to be able to do their job without fear or favour.

It must be One Law for All in Australia!