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Small busiess are very importnat to every community and while some may grow to large businesses most will remain small for many generations and remain within an extended family unit. Many small businesses are suppliers to larger busineses and as a result it is important that the connection between the small businesses and the large businesses be as healthy as possible. There has been a tendancy of large businesses to make small businesses to become more and more dependent upon them and this does create many dificulties for the small business person. Almost every month there is a big business claiming insolvency and many small businesses are left without the essential payments owed to them; this must be curtailed as much as possible. Big businesses with hold payments for considerable time to small businesses and require 10% to 20% discounts for “early payment and this must also be curtailed.

Small businesses emmploy many Australians and must be protected from the preditory actions of the big businesses for as they make a small business unviable many Australians become unemployed – this must stop.

The Christian Democratic Party is committed to protecting the Small businesses from the unresonable actions of the big businesses 

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