Social Security – Age Care

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Aged Care is a very important area of government community care and it needs a lot careful administration and sufficient funding to deliver the real hands care needed. The on the ground the care within the nursing homes is substandard and we cannot blame the staff and the funding alone for the shortfalls, for the staff levels are far too low most of the time. There is considerable earning made by most nursing home operators relative to the invested capital. The standard of care in many of the nursing homes is not adequate for a modern society as Australian would expect for their elderly.

There is second are of Aged Care and that is in home aged care which is very desirable to many who are willing and can manage it we must just promote the program and fund it.

The Christian Democratic Party is committed to:

  • Ensuring sufficient Registered Nurses on duty 24 hours a day we suggest at least 1 per floor and one per 50 residents;

  • Ensuring sufficient assistance in nursing staff and enrolled nurses to adequately care for the residents subject to level of care at the nursing home;

  • An empowered Aged Care Ombudsman to take real action on complaints;

  • An audit of charges residents pay for the service they receive in nursing homes;

  • Expansion of and sufficient funding for in home age care support;

  • Additional support for the people entering age care with historic disabilities;

  • A stronger pathway for financial independence for the elderly;

  • Careful consideration of the reverse mortgage option as to whether to retain it;

  • Fast tracking of health care wherever possible as the elderly ought not to wait excessive times for health care as this can often be detrimental to their health.

  • A full examination of the aged care offered to our elderly.

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