Social Security – Disability Insurance Scheme

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The National Disability Insurance Scheme has some good goals and yet it is not able to deliver as it has not been either well planned or well implemented leaving some serious disappointments. Some people are very pleased with their plans and have very smooth processes, while others are not happy at all. We have reports that the process is difficult and the time lag between a need that has developed and the approval for funding is far too long for many of the clients. One such person needed new tires on his wheelchair and had to wait almost 9 months for approval for the expenditure so some new tires could be purchased and fitted to the wheelchair. It is extremely important that the processes be looked at closely as there are some strongly different experiences that the NDIS clients are having and so this must happen. This program was not researched well enough before implementation and it was rushed in for political reasons and as a result it has many issues that need resolving as soon as possible.

The CDP will:

  • Initiate an inquiry into the delivery of the NDIS services so that it be not impersonal to the very differing and individual personal needs;

  • Examine the funding programs to make sure it is sufficient and sustainable into the future;

  • Create a funding pool dedicated to funding the NDIS and have it protected by the constitution;

  • Examine the eligibility for the NDIS program with a view to see its effectiveness and consider the needs of the people over 65 currently excluded;

  • The program should not be privatized and must remain under the administration of government;

  • Transport decisions and public space related issues must take into consideration of the needs of people with disabilities.

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