Social Security – Parenting Next Programme

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A Programme that was designed to get parents back into the workforce or at the least to be involved in their local community was a well-intended programme wrongly administered and wrongly applied to the parents of young children. This programme will target parents with children that are just 6 months old, and yet maternity leave is for many people is about 12 months or so – a mixture of paid and unpaid leave is involved in this. I know of several mothers who have agreed parenting leave with their employer and yet they are harassed to go into this Parenting Next programme, if they do not go to the programme they will be denied the parenting payments. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!

Parenting of young children is an important task and while some will choose to become stay at home parents others will choose to go to work; both parenting arrangements are a strong part of the Australian culture and should be protected. The Christian Democratic Party will defend parents of young children to raise their family as wisely as they can and in the manner best suited for their unique family unit.


  • The Parenting Next program will be voluntaries attended.

  • Family payments will not be linked to the attendance of a Parenting Next Programme.

  • We will encourage parents to be involved with community programmes, including Parenting Next, so as to gain emotional and parenting support as needed.

  • We will assist in the payments to approved community programmes

  • Compulsion to attend any parenting support programme will not be supported by the Christian Democratic Party.

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