Stopping Abortions Equals Hatred Of Women?

Stopping Abortions – Why?

How Can Stopping abortions equals hatred to woman?

This claim by the abortion industry and their supporters that if we actively stop abortions we must hate women is totally unfounded in every way. It is from a standpoint of love and concern for the well being of each and every woman that I and my fellow pro-life supporters strongly and respectfully encourage pregnant women to carefully consider their actions and do not rush to an abortion as there is many other ways to save the life of the unborn child and to leave the mother with a wholesome healthy and a regret free life beyond the pregnancy. Stopping abortions is far from hating women it is the most loving and caring thing anyone can do for a woman and her unborn child. 

Pro-Life Supporters Do Not Hate Women

The abortion industry throughout the world and their supporters have become more vocal and militant against those who believe in the sanctity of life often accusing them of being anti women and harbouring deep and strong hatred towards women. I personally have faced such claims as had many people I know, including many women, and the logic of such a claim is totally unfounded though it continues to be said by the supporters of abortions. 

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It always concerns me when discussion on a topic cannot be had and one side belittles the other or makes claims that some of the persons are hateful before the discussion of the facts of the the matter are fully explored. The motivation of pro-lifers is to save each unborn child from an horrific pre-birth death. The concerns for the pregnant mother to be is foremost in their minds and their actions. While the concerns of the Abortionists are never focused on the unborn child nor are they on the future mental state of the aborting mother. There is little assistance given to the aborting mother after the abortion for recovery and there is a lot of evidence that assistance is needed. Some of the issues that arise included actual reproductive health issues and mental and psychological issues. there are also some social issues where the moral attitudes often are strongly impacted and so some friendships are significantly changed. None of these things are considered as being important but they are very real and will be faced in the future and some of the aborting mothers will find regret as their long term companion after an abortion.

Moving focus on to the unborn child and its right to a future, if not aborted this right will be there to be taken hold of and this is of no concern to the abortion supporters. I, as a part of the Christian Democratic Party, want to lovingly assist a mother-to-be in all ways possible to give the unborn child the best chance of life. We recognise there are many issues that may be happening to the woman at this time and they need to be resolved. There are a number of potential programs we are developing that will assist a mother and her child at this time particularly when the way forward seems difficult for the mother and child to be a family. These programs include: 

  • Counseling before and after birth as needed
  • Personal support before and after birth as needed
  • Pathways to fostering of child during the discovery of future relationship between mother and child. 
  • Pathway to adoptions as required and the future relationship between the mother and child.
  • If separation between mother and child is the chosen pathway future counseling as required is offered.
  • Our concerns that the mother and the child have the best possible outcomes for them either together or apart. 
  • Our concerns are for the grief experience many suffer after an abortion when a wanted child is born or when a child is wanted and the abortion experience has prevented the possibility of having a child.
  • Our concern is also for those who suffer grief when close friends or siblings have children or even request to care for someone child that brings about deep grief. 

A unborn child is just a small human who needs birthing and caring to become fully independent – just like you!


We want to deliver the heart of God’s unique compassion and love to each and every mother who feel alone and unable to cope with life during pregnancy and through childbirth to life beyond the difficult days as they seem.

Even the unborn child develops a relationship with its mother before birth in the only way the child can as a support for the mother’s health. The mother’s health being enhanced proving the child is not just a clump of disposable cells BUT a real supportive helper to its mother – – how loving and caring it that????? 

If the unborn child could speak perhaps these are the words the child would say?


I am here
Don’t be deceived!
I AM a human being
From the moment I was conceived!

So why is there such sadness?
And why is there such gloom?
God is carefully weaving me
Within my mother’s womb.

Is that the voice of anger?
Or is it doubt and fear?
Why doesn’t the world out there
Want me living here?

God am I unwanted?
For I’m so meek and mild.
Can anybody hear my cry?
I’m the voice of the unborn child!

Are you disappointed?
Am I not in your plan?
Jesus, help me now.
I just don’t understand!

I am alive and well,
So please do me no harm.
Let me come into the world
And be loved in someone’s arms.

My plea is that you save my life.
Can you hear me cry?
Have mercy now and hear my prayer.
Please don’t let me die!

The Father has a plan for me
And He will help you see;
There is someone in the world
Who’ll take good care of me.

I ask you now to let me live
And know that this is true;
You will NEVER be alone
‘Cause God will help you through.

He’ll guide you and will comfort you
In your pain and strife;
Please listen to your child within
And give to me my life!

~ by Leslie Rummel