Taxed enough – Just spend wisely please!

Taxed enough – Just spend wisely please!

We are all taxed enough we just need the government to spend our money wisely, however it seems that is not something the Government or the Opposition are capable of so we need a new leadership team delivering efficient and effective government for all Australians. Only the CDP is fully committed to delivering such government to the people of Australia!

Some time back the Henry Tax review and now the Grattan Institute are advocating for a congestion tax – Come on we are: Taxed enough – Just spend it wisely please! The report via the ABC is as follows:

SBS ran a slightly different story and it is worth considering as well:

The Grattan Institute statements which are a reflection of Henry’s tax review of some years back 

The real facts about efficient transport: 

The development of a city in a manner to have good and efficient transport has several strong elements to and they are :

  1. A well organised city and neighbouring support towns
  2. A high speed rail system connecting major cities and towns from the heart to the heart of these places.
  3. A well organised intra and inter city rail (including trams) system with very regular services connecting to the high speed rail system
  4. A well organised bus service that connects with the rail systems the shopping, medical, legal and other government and private infrastructure, housing estates and work locations also operating at very regular intervals
  5. Where possible an efficient ferry service
  6. A very efficient point to point taxi service
  7. Adequate low priced parking at transport hubs
  8. Heavy vehicles – Semi trailers and ‘B’ doubles for goods cartage to be only used outside of the cities.
  9. A strong and efficient goods rail system that does not impede the passenger services.
  10. A well thought out road system of high volume roads and support roads, designed to not create bottle necks.
  11. A very efficient system of accident investigation so that disruptions related to breakdown or accidents will be very short lived.The governments of Australia are currently too short term focused a to be able to work out the best way forward to plan in to the future. Mostly they have been giving a huge advantage to their business mates to make a huge profit at the public expense.

    The Christian Democratic Party understands the problem and has ideas for the solutions that we will work through with the local communities so that we get the best outcomes possible in the shortest time with out the long disruptions to business like the problems faced in both George Street Sydney and Hunter and Scott Streets in Newcastle. We have a far better plan for making our cities really work and work well for all.