The Abortion Debate

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The Abortion Debate

The Abortion Debate is a move to decriminalize Abortions in NSW by the NSW Parliament is not about this alone it is about making abortion on demand possible and even desirable up to birth and including aborted alive babies being in the danger of being killed by a callous law change that was to be pushed through virtually without debate. The Premier never mentioned this during the 2019 March election campaign and yet the urgency to push such a bill through is almost without precedent.

Some Facts:

This is your life before birth.

The issues that I raised to the reluctant inquiry:

Submission by Milton Caine on the Woman’s Health Reform Bill

Note well: If we are wanting women to go full-term with their unborn child then the community must address the concerns that a woman may have by meeting the reasonable needs of the expectant mum!

  • Financial concerns
  • Relationship concerns
  • Domestic violence concerns
  • Accommodation concerns
  • Health concerns
  • Mental Health concerns
  • Disabilities concerns
  • And others

    We must also have available certain assistance programs that will assure the expectant mum that we care for her and bub including:

  • Adoption processes made easier
  • Assisted parenting by using a type of shared fostering plan.
  • Protected accommodation like Yahweh House
  • Counseling through the whole process like is offered by Zoe’s Voice
  • Parenting training as required
  • And other support as required

    As a community we have become too isolated from collective responsibility as we ought to as the extended families have fractured we as the community need to step into that space.

The abortionist did not get her!!!!