Trade – Free Trade Agreements

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There is a lot of community disquiet over the free trade agreements as they are seen to cost Australians their jobs. The main losers of jobs are the unskilled, the semi-skilled, and the trade-persons in this whole process. In light of the Federal Government modern day anti-slavery bill it seems that we should not trade with the countries or businesses that pay their employees just subsistence wages to produce products that we buy; as these products were formally made here it seems we should again support our manufacturing industries. The 1975 Lima Agreement was the real beginning of the free-trade arrangements which have created poverty zones in the western nations. It is good to assist the third world nations to industrialise but not to remove the jobs from the most vulnerable workers in Australia.


  1. Implement the logical outworking of the modern day anti-slavery bill by not trading with nations that use virtual slave labour to produce products for export.

  2. In all trade deals the Australian jobs must be protected particularly the most vulnerable.

  3. Free-trade deals that prevent our manufacturing from continuing to function must consider the Australian benefit considering the potential job loses to the most vulnerable workers.

  4. There are essential products that need to be produced in Australia and they include fuels and oils, aircraft, defence equipment, steel and aluminum production, communication equipment, and transport equipment.

  5. Trade deals must not disadvantage Australia or Australian businesses.

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