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Humanity has been using many types of transport over the centaries and in our modern world we have many transort options that were not available to preious generations.

Modern transport needs to be regulated in many ways as we become more dependent on faster and a growing transport need. All transport has by products and these days the air polution levels are of serious concerns in our major cities and hence cleaner transport options are being sought in many places. There is one aspect of transport polution that has little public concern and that is the disposal of discarded transport vehicles or parts of the vehicles. The recyclng option is mentioned but not enforced in many places.

Few Governments think of using the best transport options as they may not win the short term option of winning seats that translate into being the government of the day following an election.

The Christian Democratic Party s committed to choosing the best transport option that will be fast, effecient, cost effective, low polution levels, and that materials discarded after use can and must be recycled. Good transport systems will assist in decentralisation and in so doing making housing and jobs more accessable to more citizens.

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