Transport – Emergency Vehicle Safety Lights

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The recent change to the law regarding slowing down to 40KPH when passing a vehicle displaying flashing Red and Blue lights is in our view ill-conceived and therefore we will seek changes to this law.

The purpose of the law is to keep emergency workers safe while doing their jobs. In a suburban street where the legal limit is either 50KPH or 60KPH this is understandable but on a intercity highway where the speed is 110KPH this is most unsafe and unwise. The potential of accidents when one reduces their speed from 110KPH to 40 KPH is astronomical and we wish to change the law before a serious accident happens that may cause serious injuries or even death. After considerable concerns raised, we recommend a reasonable change to this law so that all drivers will be safe on our roads.


  • When passing an emergency vehicle with flashing red and blue lights on a road way where the posted speed limit is 60KPH or less it is required to slow to 40 KPH and to give sufficient room as is required for the emergency personal to carry out their work.

  • When travelling in speed limits between 60KPH and 110KPH the vehicle must slow to at least 20KPH below the posted speed limit and to give sufficient room for the emergency personal to carry out their work.

  • In wet conditions further speed reductions are recommended for safety of all concerned.

  • On multi lane roads when it is safe to do so it is required that the vehicle move to the lane furtherest away from the emergency workers.

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