Transport – General

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For any nation on the move transport is vitally important and the better the transport options the better the community moves. Road, rail, water, and air transport are always need upgrading as community needs advance more and more needs.


  • Road traffic from our major cities is often heavily congested so better options are needed to bring about relief to the weekend and holiday traffic.

  • All major highways need to be flood proofed and flood free.

  • Heavy vehicles should have limited access to minor roads in major cities.

  • Rail transport should be expanding to connect as many remote communities with both freight and passenger services.

  • Construction of High Speed Rail needs to commence as soon as possible.

  • Where possible freight should be carried by rail between major cities.

  • Ferry and other shipping services need expanding including into new waterways.

  • Airports expansion should continue as the demand increases.

  • The CDP support a 3 airport policy of Newcastle, Mascot, and Canberra with a High Speed Train service between them to assist in times of any of the three airports been shut due to weather poor conditions.

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