Transport – Registration Labels

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The decision to no longer have registration labels on vehicles is a mis-step of the NSW Government. The need to stop unnecessary wastage is understandable and yet this change in policy is unwise and is hurting many people in the community. There is a far better way forward and as such we propose to reintroduce a new style label that will not be unnecessarily costly to produce but will assist owners with a visual reminder of the date to re-register their vehicle. Some people who need to drive a vehicle that they do not own are being caught out in an unregistered vehicle without know that. The purchasing of a vehicle would be further enhanced with certainty with the label attached to the vehicle with the relevant details.


  • To prevent the accidental driving of an unregistered vehicle we believe efficient registration labels are essential.

  • The new registration label should have the month prominently displayed with the actual expiry date and the vehicles particular details including the registered plate number.

  • The New labels should be printed at the time of purchasing the new registration to limit wastage.

  • A new rollout of Printers capable of producing such labels at the point of sale.

  • The new label must be affixed to a prominent place on the left side of the vehicle and not affecting the driver’s vision.

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