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Vehicle Standards – Modifications

In recent years we have seen approved vehicle modifications in one state needing approval in other states and the standards of approval are vastly different from state to state. Vehicles that are manufactured are all approved under Federal Law and it seems that we ought not to continue such confusion and to have a single and national approval process for all vehicle modifications and to that end we propose.


  • A national approval process for all vehicle modification to be established and administered by the Federal Government.

  • Transitional arrangements will mean that any modification in one state will become acceptable to all states.

  • Previous modifications will be made to be acceptable n all states.

  • Certifiers for vehicle modification in Australia will have national approvals and registration.

  • A single national vehicle modification body will be created to manage all vehicle modifications.

  • Transitional arrangements will be that until an agreed code is in place current state codes will apply and such approved modifications will be nationally approved.

  • It is expected that the costs for processing of modifications of vehicles will not increase with the national arrangements

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