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Free Trade is hailed as being a great thing that is to bring prosperity to all, yet we have many living below the poverty line and many in other nations are producing products for the more affluent through out the world. The international investors are extremely well off and they skew the wealth numbers away from those under and near the poverty line. We Need truth! 

Foreign investment is very helpful to a nation as long as the nation remains in charge of the invested area; when the investor has control of the business in another country then the benefits transfer to the investor away from the country. So much of foreign investment is to get a foothold in a host country so that the parent company can bleed as much as possible from that country.

Superannuation in Australia delivers very limited benefit for most low income earners; however it delivers real luxury to high income earners. Compulsory Superannuation was totally ill-conceived from the get go because the low income earners were never considered front and center. The problem is that the Compulsory Superannuation has been planned to replace the pension, however it was planned to supplement the pension and the pension retained real value then it would be of some real value.