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Water is a natural occurring resource and is essential to life so the management of water is extremely important in a huge island continent as Australia with the huge dry areas that we have. The past policy of damming a river and then pumping the water to towns and cities has caused huge damage to our rivers and our farming communities. The farming communities need the valuable water to grow our foods and other products that are consumed by the residents of this country who mostly live on the coast fringe and consume the majority of the produce and water. In our cities often we have water features and swimming pools while the farmers are struggling to have water for their farming activities as well as insufficient water left in our rivers for the marine life and birds and animals to survive. Our country has many dry areas that do not get annual rainfall but will get a huge amount of rain over a short period of time every several years. The issue is how to manage the water as the chances of increasing rain fall is not very high. Water in storage areas suffer from evapouration where so much is lost annually and this can be reduced as a % of stored water if we increase the depth of the dams and so we must systematically begin to create deeper dams to decrease the % of evapouration losses over the stored capacity of each dam. 

The health of our rivers is important to marine life and the native animals and birds and so as to decrease our impact on health of our rivers we must commence a program of off river dams. This will be difficult in many areas where the river is already dammed though we can work with plans to divert the river flow around the dams that we have built so as to let the rivers flow where ever possible. All new dams must be off river dams.

From time to time certain areas will flood and hence the inter connectedness of dams and rivers could be a way to reduce the effects of flooding and at the same time enhance the other areas that may be suffering from lack of rain fall. This can be managed by reducing water in storage in areas of expected flooding by releasing water to dryer areas via a system of connections between storage dams and rivers. This will have a two-fold effect as we harvest more of the river excesses and reduce the effects of flooding on vulnerable communities. 

Mining and other industries use considerable amounts of water and it is wise for as far as possible that recycled water be used so as to conserve good quality river and ground water.

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