Where is freedom?

Freedom – Where Is Freedom?

The search for freedom is a motivation of our world today – But what is freedom? – Where is freedom found? – If we found freedom would we recognize it as freedom?

It seems that before removing a fence one should ask, ‘why is the fence there in the first place and it it is removed what of the consquences’


All my life I have heard people yell out to free some people in some place and I have pondered if these people know of what they are calling for. As a young apprentice panel-beater I would hear about the need for a free Vietnam as well as free Tibet. In the 1980’s I went to Newcastle Uni and there the calls were for free the Palestinians – This confused me as I spent some years in the Middle East and I felt that only the Israelis were governing for a degree of peace and yet they were the enemies of the peace and freedom movements. Today we want freedom for all people to marry whomever they love. It seemed to me that freedom without boundaries is a different form of enslavement to anarchy. 

The question is what is freedom an if I am totally free will I not impinge on another persons freedom. So it seems that freedom is some what illusive and it must have some qualifying boundaries. We therefore must find a just way to find some boundaries to fully identify with freedom so that it will not be so illusive. Where do we need to look for such a defining characteristic for the word freedom where were all will be free.

This week Australia has removed a fence that was around marriage and very few have asked why was the fence there in the first place? And still less have asked what are the consequences of removing the fences around marriage? The choice of a gender fluid marriage as adopted by the Australian Parliament will have consequences and yet have they all been carefully examined? No! Heaven forbid!! The rush for this ‘freedom’ is all about emotionalism and almost nothing about factual study of the results that will become evident as this fence is totally removed from the Australian society.